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‘We want to integrate fastness with slowness, in order to handle the fastness of
our world easier.’

‘Stimulate to use your personal energy to nurture yourself and your surroundings
and therefore feel personal accountable.’
Nature & Technology

‘Create an awareness to look different to the functions of your own body in order to change the focus from perfection to function. Function becomes the new standard for perfection.’ Perfectibility

‘We want to design an interface which create new forms of interaction and
experience by bringing all 5 senses in to the virtual.’


Us bloggers are currently all third year students of the specialisation Fashion Future at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The course Fashion Future will familiarize and train us to develop scenarios and strategies with regard to the future relationships between people, products and services in the context of the fashion industry. This is not the same thing as predicting trends; a trend forecast is a hypothetical proposition that the fashion industry is free to make use of.

The specialisation semester (February- July 2010)  is split up in several phases: research – concept – design – and presentation. The final products, which will be created in 4 different groups, will each be based on self-created concepts- related to Energy. These concepts will be translated into either a product or service. The final products may take a variety of forms, but will all be included in an exhibition offering a coherent view of projects and products carried out in different media to a broad public. A special event may be linked to the opening of this exhibition.

Throughout  each phase we will use the blog as an inspirational platform to share and exchange research, inspiration, ideas, and experiences  with one another and the online world. With ‘’we’’ we do not only mean us bloggers but our teachers and guest lecturers aswell.

The AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The institute offers  a full-time, 4 year Bachelor degree programme, which forms an excellent basis for a successful career in the fashion industry and all related businesses. The AMFI provides the only course in the Netherlands that will teach you all facets of the fashion industry. Students choose to specialise in either Design, Branding or Management and graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Technology.

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