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Official introduction: The Love Coat

June 9, 2010

This is the official introduction of Techmosphere’s 3D design: the Love Coat. You may have read about the Love Coat before on our blog, but we have now finalized our concept and design. We are very excited to share this with all of our Fashion Future readers and get your feedback and/or advise for improvements!

The design is based on making the virtual emotion love tangible. Nowadays, as a result of all the fast developments of technology, new types of communications have emerged such as texting, chatting, e-mailing, facebook, twitter, etc. We believe that conveying love through these communication tools is causing virtual love to lose its sentimental touch and significance. We asked ourselves, can we design something to prevent this?

Thus, we came with the thought to create a Love Coat which gives the wearer a feeling and sensation of being hugged. The idea is that the Love Coat will be presented at our exhibition (more information coming soon) and that anyone can tweet (from Twitter) the love to the person wearing the coat. A livestream will be set up from the Love Coat at the exhibition to the blog, . The purpose of the live stream to the blog is to reach out to an international audience, so that everyone can tweet the love and catch a glimpse of our Love Coat concept!

To create this hugging experience, we want to  work tubes into the coat, which -when inflated- expands and presses into the body. The expansion of the tubes would be triggered when anyone – tweets the ‘love’ – from their twitter account  to the coat (which will also have its own twitter account – @LoveCoat).  

The technical aspect will work as follow: an Arduino in combination with a Wishield 2.0 will set up the connection between the Love Coat and the love tweets. Once a love tweet is received the Arduino will automatically turn on a mini-air compressor and allow the tubes to inflate. With the help of a Motor Shield the air compressor will also deflate this air again after several (still unknown) seconds to release the feeling of the hug. See here to view a picture of the materials we have gathered so far.

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  1. Kim permalink*
    June 17, 2010 4:27 pm

    I love the whole idea of the LOVEcoat. Trying to catch it in 140 characters to tweet it up. I’m gonna try. Do you still have the idea of selling it afterwards?

  2. July 3, 2010 6:04 pm

    Good luck ladies with this project! I hope your presentation on Tuesday is successful!


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