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All the research and information that we did is coming together as a source of inspiration for the futures trends. In two separate crews, we each made a research presentation by summing up the information we gathered, categorizing them into sub themes and giving a personal vision about what the trend is in the future.

The two crews then had a discussion point where we gave each other feedback and combined the research all together. As a result, we came up with ideas that we all had in common: perfection v.s. imperfection, ideal & norms, spirituality, nature, technology, communication, and DIT/new strategies.

After some brainstorming, we linked some ideas together into themes. As a result, we came up with four final themes that we will be focused on:

  • Perfectibility
  • Mental
  • Nature & Technology
  • Techmosphere

The 14 bloggers is divided once again, but this time into four groups to work with the themes that they are fascinated by.

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