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‘Nurture and share’

June 25, 2010

Nurturing Nature

Nurturing nature is based on the fact that we have so many choices and options nowadays, we don’t know which way to go. This freedom, our freedom can get in the way. Because we have the freedom to choose and do everything, we can do anything we want without feeling liable.

It’s all about a moment of contact and being aware of a deeper seated energy level. By feeling the impact of your surroundings we start to regain some awareness. While embracing this personal contact it makes you feel accountable again, whether it’s for yourself or your surroundings. Our goal is to stimulate mutual sharing of the surrounding energy to nurture your own nature and that of your surroundings and therefore feel personal accountable.

The design ‘Nurture & Share’ is based on a textile with solar cells that charge when you are out in nature and returns this energy back to you. You can use this textile alone or share your energy with others.


Making ‘the Live-In Room’

June 23, 2010
Sunday 20 june we started building up our Live-In Room. We had the oppertunity to work the whole day in the workshop of Kloosterboer Decor (see here) to build the interior. Read more…

The design of ‘the Live-In Room’

June 23, 2010
The design of our product. The idea is to create two living rooms who represent the choice between perfection and function. In each room you can see the needs of a human being, like food, drink and sleep. Read more…

Lovecoat: The fabrics

June 22, 2010

The fabrics for the Lovecoat have been bought! Let’s start sewing!

The Perfect Live-In Room

June 16, 2010

The Perfect Live-In Room is our product idea for the exhibition at the Trouw gebouw. After a lot of ideas, struggling and brainstorming we came up with this clear translation of our statement; ”Function becomes the new standard of perfection.”

Read more…

Making of the film ”UNPLUGG”

June 15, 2010

Yesterday we, the mental group, filmed for our installation ‘’UNPLUGG’’ for the exhibition in the TROUW building Amsterdam the 7th of july.

Read more…

Prototype ”UNPLUGG”

June 11, 2010

Only few weeks to go till the exhibition in the TROUW building the 6th of July! Our mental group is busy preparing our installation called ‘’UNPLUGG’’. The visuals shows you a little piece of our process, this is our prototype. This scale model is needed to experience if the real product can be realized. It’s a major product but we can handle it. We will keep you up to date!