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The Perfect Live-In Room

June 16, 2010

The Perfect Live-In Room is our product idea for the exhibition at the Trouw gebouw. After a lot of ideas, struggling and brainstorming we came up with this clear translation of our statement; ”Function becomes the new standard of perfection.”

The idea is to create a living room divided in  two parts. Choice 1 is function, choice 2 is perfectibility. Both sides of the living room is the same, reflected by our statement. We have focussed on the 9 basic human needs;

– eat . drink . sleep . sit . light . warmth . air . social / love . shelter

We have translated these human needs with the associating means. A bed, a chair, a photography serie etc.

By showing this Live-In Room, we want to show an inspire the viewers, our future perspective the function of a new standard. After consumerism and materialism has passed away.

This will be supported by our 2D photographical serie and a concept book of our most important steps in our process.

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