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Love Coat Experiment

May 29, 2010

This is our experiment during our workshop with Tjeerd Veenhoven. We were figuring out ways of hugging each other and where do we feel the pressure and warmth when someone is hugging you, so we can make the construction of the rubber tubes.

During our workshop in Groningen with Tjeerd Veenhoven we finally came up with a product for our exhibition. We thought that emotions expressed through online communication cannot really be felt physically. Therefore we want to give a physical touch to online communication. We chose to focus on the emotion: love because it is the warmest feeling that everyone wants to feel and it also gives you personal energy.

Our idea is to make a love coat which is connected to online social network such as facebook and twitter. Whenever your friends, family or lover send I love you, you can feel hugged by wearing the coat.

With the help of Tjeerd Veenhoven, we decided to attach some rubber tubes inside the coat, and with an air compressor to blow it up. There is going to be some heating pads as well to give the warm sensation.

Curious about the final result? Come to our exhibition!

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