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Mental group experiment

May 21, 2010

It’s been a while since we’ve posted but from now you can follow our process from concept to product! For the mental group the beginning is there. You can read our concept story if you click UNPLUGG concept storyOur concept is about the fast world we live in, where we are stressed, travel a lot, are watched 24/7 and have so many choices. We want to integrate this fastness with slowness in order to handle the fastness of our daily live better. We started experimenting in Groningen by the dutch designer Tjeerd Veenhoven. Our idea was to build an abstract installation where you experience fastness and go from there to complete concentration (slowness) and return slowly back into the fast world.

The top pictures gives you a view of that day, that great and inspiring experiment that helped us to develop our product further. It’s created with foil and an air blower. And if you stand inside the foil with air in it everything goes so fast and makes noise, but when you turn the air blower off its slows down, becomes calm and you truly remark the contrast between fastness and slowness.

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