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How will our public spaces take shape in the future?

April 26, 2010

The possibility of communicating with everyone around the world makes relations between people change. We don’t need to go out to meet someone and therefore also the places where we meet people change. Having a network is important and almost all new strategies now happening on the internet are based on networking. We use open source, co-creation, peer to peer and crowd source strategies. Take for example OScar or Battle of Concepts. All these strategies are good in sharing; information, knowledge and ideas from people all around the world. I am wondering if these social networks on the internet are also visible in the physical world. How do they affect it?

The internet is a public space, available for everyone, 24/7. It’s fast and easy in its communication and it’s dynamic. These are all positive qualities in which I think the physical world is staying behind. Does the physical world need to change in order to keep up with the developments on the internet, or does it have qualities the internet doesn’t have? How do the virtual and the physical world compete? Within this question I want to focus on public spaces.

In order to find answers, we first need to find out what the qualities of both worlds are. Why do people like the internet so much, and what do they like about the physical world?
With the results of this research I want to come up with some possible future scenarios of how public spaces might look like in the future. I now assume that the physical world is going to lay behind in comparison to the online world, so I am particular focussing on how the physical world needs to change.

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