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You tongue is able to see..

April 19, 2010

As a part of the Sensory Plasticity Project Eyal Burstein and Michele Gauler created this Eye Candy. They were inspired by a BBC documentary on how blind people can see with the help of tongue displays. They went further into it and came up with several prototypes and this is one of them. They used the ability of the brain to create new synapses to connect things that weren’t connected before.

It is about replacing senses for each other, evoking a reaction in senses that weren’t stimulated. That is interesting for people who miss for example their sight or their hearing. But it also will be interesting for senses that can’t be saves easily, such as smell and touch. They can have a more important place in our society.
With all the activities in the virtual world nowadays senses are underestimated. They are still really important for people, for experiencing. Some senses are hard to involve in the internet and that’s why the Eye Candy is innovating. With developing the product and its functions we will be able to really experience virtual happenings with all our senses.

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