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Pong- The Analog Arcade Machine

April 15, 2010

Pong – The Analog Arcade Machine is exhibited in Playlist  – Playing Games, Music, Art. An exhibition curated by Domenico Quaranta for Laboral’s new Mediateca Expandida. The theme of this exhibition was to bring physical dimensions and interactions when playing games.  

It is originally a video game created in the 70’s by Atari arcade. Well that was back in the 70’s…Now André Gonçalves gave it a new twist by bringing what is on the digital screen into the physical dimension.

The installation consists of two parts: a video game machine that is coin-operated, with joysticks, buttons and 2 screens, one shows the graphics and the other shows the game view. The other part of the installation is hidden in the dark, behind the wooden walls, in which the real pin-pong table with a ping-pong ball. The actual ping-pong table has small fans that controls where the ball is going. The two parts are linked together with cabled wires. When someone is playing on the machine, the actual action is shown in the dark room on the actual pin-pong table.

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