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Human Power to Destroy and Restore – it’s time to combine the two

April 15, 2010

I came across this fascinating bio-mechanical specie while I was browsing on the web for interesting artworks or installations.

Meet this little fella, it’s called Nomadic Plants created by Gilberto Esparza. It is a self nourishment robot that feed on natural resources and recreate life. In symbiosis, vegetation and microorganisms live inside the body of the Nomadic Plant. When the bacteria inside need more nourishment, the robot goes to a contaminated river and consumes the water from it. By the process of microbial fuel cell, the robot is able to decompose the elements in the water and generate energy from them for its brain circuit. The rest is then used in generating life of plants.

The whole robot is made out of recycled materials from consumers. The whole concept has to do with the exploration of technology’s role in cities and the ambiguous forces provided by technology.

The human specie has the power to destroy and restore. We should realize that the two can live in symbiosis with one another. We create technology for a better purpose in our materialistic world. It’s time to create something that is better for the environment as well by incorporating the ability destroy and restore in our biological system into technology.

For more information about the artist and the project, look here.

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