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Techmosphere; Concept

April 14, 2010

This is our final concept of techmosphere after diving into our main research focus: communication, DIY-DIT, new strategies and technology. You can find the presentation here.

Techmosphere – a technological atmosphere

Since the advancement of technology, our world has become more efficient and easy in terms of communication. Now days, the internet is the easiest tool and the largest platform for gathering information and networking. The world has opened up to us. We no longer need to anticipate a letter from our loved ones for weeks or months. With the online interface such us facebook, msn or skype, we can easily reach our friends and family all over the world. We have the chance to explore different facets of the world. You’ve never been to Dubai but curious about what it looks like, just go to google and search on images. Today, we can get connected not only by messaging on a flat internet page, but through a virtual world such as sims or second life. A dream world where you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be. Technology has allowed us to bring reality into the dream virtual world as more interfaces of this kind are offered to us. Within the internet and the virtual world, we can see, we can read, but we cannot sense everything.

Our vision is to merge the virtual world and the physical world into one by having an all 5 senses hologram. With a program called Holoport (in collaboration with google map), you can create your own holograms and teleport your hologram anywhere you like through google map. Moreover, it also works like a social network platform where you can add your social contacts.

It’s all about identity, communication and experience. It’s a form of self expression and allows escapism as an individual can have different holograms that represent different sides of themselves. It’s about eliminating distance and broadening our experiences of the world. Our inner self will be liberated by given the chance to express every facet of ourselves and experience as much as we want. However, there is a catch: our physical self may become isolated. Our physical interactions between people in reality may express less.

Possible product:

Merge the virtual and the real world. Create a new form of experience and communication that involves interactivity of the tangible and intangible.

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