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Nurturing nature; concept idea Nature & technology

April 9, 2010

Last tuesday we presented our concept ideas so far, ours is based on ‘nurturing nature’ ….click here for the presentation.

Nurturing nature:
People have completely lost touch with nature. For the last several years it was all about sustainable this and durable that. The more we hear about the sustainable ways of living, the greater our aversion has gotten with nature. We don’t feel accountable as an individual anymore. Our natural contact with nature was lost many years ago, but now also the interest seems to be fading….But what if we can find a way to restore this contact? A way where it’s not all about recycling and biodegradable but its more about blending nature and technology, bringing human life closer in contact with nature..
Like in our daily life, people need to feel important, needed to a certain extent. Whether it is to your partner, or your boss, even your pet…It motivates us to do better…because we feel close to them and we relate to them on a deeper level. What if we can use modern day technology to try and restore the contact between nature and man and build up a relationship based on a  simular deeper emotional level?
With for example products that can read you facial expressions and therefore grow and have a longer life, so if you are positive towards it, nurture it, they grow stronger, better or more beautiful? And if you start to relate to it on a personal level you therefore look differently towards the nature around you and feel personal accountable again….

This tension between the energy of man and nature is our fundemental idea, and especially the tension between man and its own nature, its personal energy…So what if we can make this visible and tangible, so we can use it in our daily life?….

It’s all about a  moment of contact and being aware of a deeper seated energy level. While embracing this personal contact it makes you feel personal accountable again…whether its for yourself or your surroundings…

The focus lies on your natural energy, whether you nurture your own natural energy, or u use your energy to nurture nature..

But why do we need it?
Nowadays we have so many choices and options, we don’t know which way to go.. This freedom, our freedom can get in the way..Because we have the freedom to choose everything, do everything, so we can do anything we want, without feeling liable…

Some say that this freedom is the cause of many problems we come across today. The Amsterdam philosopher Ad Verbrugge states this unattached freedom destructs our social relationships and trust in society, due to its effect of not feeling personally accountable…can we then say that in this same way we lost our contact with nature, because we lost our way due to all our choises?

A powerful metaphor to describe this derailed freedom is the “thick-I “. The philosopher Harry Kunneman  designed this grotesque figure, for whom freedom mainly consists of the fact that there is no responsibility anymore, you only have to answer to yourself..

But what happends if we only answer to ourself? Jean-Paul Sartre wrote that “we are doomed to freedom”. This may sound a bit negative, but we recognize this restless feeling when you ask yourself: Is this the life I want to lead? Is this the job I want? The person I love? Just because you can ask yourself these questions, expectations are high about the answer. But because there is no reply, you just keep asking…

So, we want to restore the way we look upon our self, using or own energy and the way we look upon our surroundings using this same energy.

Design idea:
Is the character you express the same as your inner character qualities?

We can create any ideal character we want. For the people around us, for ourselves. But the end, this character we convey remains a dream it is the person we think we want to be. But which character qualities are real and which our fictive? What if a device, using a screen, can read our personal energy, by touching it,  and then translates that energy into our own, personal, natural qualities of character? So when you know who you are and are able to be, you know what things lie in your nature and what things don’t? So you can use this knowledge designing your life? By for instance knowing these qualities you can create your own answers, based on your inner qualities…And while the freedom to choose remains, the choices are narrowed down to your own, personal preferences…

So whether we nurture ourselves, based on our personal energy our nurturing nature with our energy, it all revolves around the fact that it will make us look differently upon our self and our surroundings…

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