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MultiMe documentary

April 5, 2010

The garden of ego, that’s how the documentary calls the virtual world. Narcism exists for many years. The word comes from the Greek god Narcisicus. A young god that felled in love with himself. Now people have found advanced ways to worship them selves.

People can control the way how they present themselves. They show the best of themselves on their online profiles. They fotoshop pictures and pretend they are the better than anyone else. The focus is on the body, its self promotion. It’s about how many friends you have, online popularity. The documentary is truly interesting.

Our mental group researched the nowadays and future society and we remarked that there are more and more narcistic people. I think it’s normal that you want to look at your best and want to be different and special; it’s always been like that. You have to love yourself but people cross the line. What we see is that people are obsessed by themselves and there thought there’s no space for any other emotional relationship. Conditions have changed; a lot of people use other people as an ego-booster. That’s where we loose the balance and don’t increase our inner happiness.

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