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The future of love

April 2, 2010

Mental is our theme, within mental we researched many subjects. Spirituality, our inner self and love are topics that are often mentioned. For our research we want to know what’s going on in our society. One of the remarkable things is the fact that love is chancing. We have more difficulties with emotional connecting.

Helen fisher knows a lot about where love is going. In her talk on she explains that love comes from three divided parts in our brains: the sex drive (looking for whole range of partners), romantic love (focus your energy only at one person at the time, relation, and obsession), attachment (tolerate the other human being, security). According to Fisher romantic love is not an emotion but it’s a drive, the wanting part from the motor of the mind. She’s talks about the impact from woman on love, and their giant force.  She worries about anti-depressions. People use it long-term. These drugs suppress the love dopamine and kill the sex drive (orgasm) and attachment. And a world without love is a deathly place. 

Our network is getting bigger. We have more social networks on the internet to build relationships, worldwide. So we have more long distance relationships, but what does this mean? I consider this short movie shows it in a relax way.

And another future ”love” scenario from Adjiedj Bakas, trendforecaster and author of the book ”future of love”. It’s a shame that’s in dutch but I will look for an international version!

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