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New scenario; What comes after perfectionizing the human?

March 31, 2010

Inspiration by Salvador Dali Birth of Liquid Desires

Imperfection and human nature in a interactive and personified world.

History repeats, fashion repeats and also humans repeat themselves. After perfectionizing the human we found out that this bring us more downsides than advantages. People strive their whole live seaking for a certain perfection, which they will never attain. 

Inspiration by Salvador Dali – The Three Sphinxes of Bikini

So instead of humans want to change to, and on the level of, technology and media, they have turned these roles around. Technology and media has to adapt and follow the humans.

We don’t want to be submissive to perfection and the digitalized, anymore. We are going back to the nature of man kind. In being, first of all human being.
Like in the beginning, when men and women were only human yet, and had to survive and pair. People are getting in touch again with the nature within themselves.

What the human is and how he or she is, is central now. The individual characteristics of as well as the inside as the outside are the most important. No longer the image or the presentation where under we hid. Like, scars, differing details in the face, weird characteristics, physical or mental deviations or creativity, what is now considered imperfect. We are becoming our own naked self again.

There is also a change of mind about the world. All this time the world has become more and more digitalized and innovated, to keep ahead of the human. However, this digitalized world is now used more interactive, more personal, like more living. Used instead of abused.

We finally see that the world can hand all these innovations, but only if the nature of the world will be remained and really respected.
The world serves al global but more specially local, more personal, customized and more close interaction with the human. We use and abuse the world not any longer. We give the world also something back, by treating it as something personal and to remain her nature, literal and figural, just like our own.

Human nature, nature in the world, world and human.

I.e. objects sending by pager, cooking by timer, cleaning on demand. Valuing objects more, by seeing how this makes live more easy, harmonious and sustainable. Self-feeding houses, rechargeable cars and food and that can be grown in a special fund. These possibilities are for every family. So every different living space and working space is self supplying and similar. Clothing and garments of people have become mainly functional to regulate senses, emotions and messaging to on and another and to objects. How fashion nowadays communicates identity, it will than communicate communication. (anti-fashion)

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