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New day

March 30, 2010

Imagine yourself in a big white room, a beauty clinic if you like. Where pure nature could be interested in your body. Or where even body parts could be replaced by fresh life. Where beautiful women become even more beautiful. Here is to find your true and eternal youth. Your instant rash on a new day!

Marcel van der Vlugt is an interesting photographer. In his work he is always looking for mysterious beauty. Beauty ideals, transience and mutability are the common thread in his work.

In a ‘New Day’ he responds to the make-over industry, an imaginary beauty clinic for plastic surgery. By nudes blossom is implanted as a metaphor for spring and fertility, which he shows the eternal conflict between youth and transience.

Do you see that happen? Roses that grow out of your ears? Leaves growing from your fingers instead of nails? Birds climbing in your tree when the blossom buds come out? Would you live healthier by this? I mean.. We are still depending on nature. So suggest there are growing trees out of my ears, will I live longer and healthier? Will I always look fresher and fruitier? A funny face will it certainly be, but is it a bit far thinking?

See for the serie ‘New Day’

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