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Kamagurka shows

March 30, 2010
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Last friday I went to the theatershow ‘Kamagurka geneest’. According to the flyer ‘a cabaret show which is never boring, sometimes a chaos, but always fresh’.

The show started with Lies Lefever, a Flemish speaking black comedienne with one eye. A singer with an original repertoire of self-written songs.

After her, Kamagurka started. The man who, according to the website of Theatre de Vest, introduced ‘sing painting’, a new phenomenon in which he visualizes on canvas one of his bizarre songs, while singing it.

He takes you on a bizarre rollercoasterride through ordinairy life. With teeth-sharp sketches, awkward movies and ‘sing painting’. He succeeds to put a smile on everybodies face during the show.

In Holland Kamagurka is best known from his drawings in NRC handelsblad. His absurd view on reality is seen in his show as well in his art.

In January 2008 he started a project, which implies that he will make a painting each day, during a year. His work is inspired by several art movements, like cubism, pop-art and modern icons from the popular culture. There is now an exhibition of his work in Jan van der Togt museum, which includes some work from 2006, 2007 and 2008. But most paintings from 2009 and 2010.

The exhibition ‘de gevolgen van de  Kamalmak’ can been seen till 2th of may 2010 in Jan van der Togt museum in Amstelveen. For more information check the website

And for more information about the show ‘Kamagurka geneest ‘ check the website

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