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Nurturing our transplants?

March 25, 2010

Mybio is a project that consists of a series of products designed to explore our moral, social and cultural responses to ‘transhuman’ creatures. It reases questions about animal transplants for humans, as well as questions about genetically modified humans and animals in the near future. With the dolls they test whether you can connect to these ‘transhuman’ creatures if they, for example, carry your transplant.

And if so, they test if that personal connection is different then for example with other kinds of pets or stuffed animals…..This project is ongoing since 2005, but it resembles in a way the direction I want to go with the scenario ‘nurturing nature’. Especially the testing peroide in which they try to discover in what way humans connect to the creatures. In a simular way we maybe can test how people can relate more to their plants, to nature.

At the moment Mybio is focussing on children, but I’ts an exeptional experiment worth further exploration…

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