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3 Future scenarios for Techmosphere

March 24, 2010

Here is the first presentation of the Techmosphere group. In this Prezi slidshow you see that we have come up with 3 futuristic scenarios related to Techosphere (technology-atmosphere). Creating scenarios helped pushing us to think time forward and out of the box. We now have to pick one scenario to develop it into a concept and eventually into a 3D product. What do you think? Read our 3 scenarios below and click here to see our presentation. We are excited to  hear your thoughts on this! We are currently thinking to pick scenario 1… Check it out!

          Scenario 1: Based upon the question ‘What comes after facebook?’

A combination of a Second life and Foursquare. The idea is that people at one point will have merged the virtual and the physical world- we will live in a  3D world. 2D will become the new black and white. A new social platform  will exist which is accessed  online. It’ll have that second life look. Either we will all be living in this ‘space’ in self-customized houses  or have a sort of panorama 3D ‘Facebook’ type of wall. Either way, whatever it is, it’ll be  a form of a self-expression ‘space’. Public spots such a libraries, bars, restaurants, clubs,etc. will also attain of such a social platform ‘space’. Most of these business will use the platform as a marketing tool. If you or me would go to their ‘space’  we can actually view it real life time with our  ‘space’ avatar. The idea is that instead of just checking out a bar by physically going there, there’ll be a possibility to see a live feed. As you will be watching this live view feed behind your computer or mobile you can have a 360 view and have a certain amount of moving space, in a ‘space’ of a club this may be the whole dance floor! The people in the actual club (for ex.) in the real world can see your avatar popping up out of a high tech floor. It’ll be possible to communicate with one another in a virtual way. This scenario will allow us to experience anything anywhere anytime! If your friends live abroad, Facebook will be nothing compared to this scenario if it were to become reality. We will be able to go out with our friends, show them our latest purchases in 3D(forget the webcam on skype), we can basically live our life where ever we want. It’ll give us much more opportunities! Plus its safe, sustainable and efficient!

         Scenario 2: Based upon the question ‘What if your house becomes your new best friend?’

What if your house knows your daily patterns and preferences and can accustom itself to you? For example, if those plain white walls and ceilings that we all have currently one day transform in 3D LCD screens which you can give a wallprint of choice- which you can download or purchase yourself. Your house will also become a form of self expression. Or for example if your house can play your most played music which you have in your Itunes whenever if it senses you’d like to hear some music? As you heard in scenario 1, it’ll likeable that people will leave their home less and less as at some point we will live ‘online’. We believe if it comes to the point that the internet has become the main source for interaction, business, marketing, communication, information and shopping our home will become a way more important living environment. Thus it speaks for itself- we want to live in a virtual world- not only online but also in our own home. Of course you can argue the fact that it’ll be possible that as we do now, take the virtual world with us into the real world. I mean look at our mobile phones at the moment. But its not about accessibility of the virtual world we will have but about implementing it into our surroundings on a way technological level we do today.

So here are some more examples:

  • The house will have a high tech security system which will only let you enter the house. Could be through talking to the house, or scanning- the house will sense you. Of course through your House installation system you can add friends or family members to have access as well. Which you can customize from day to day. NO MORE KEYS.
  • The installation systems can also be implied into objects. Once you’ve your hosue has learned something about you it signals the information to all electronics in your house- such as the heating, volume of TV, temperature of shower/bath, etc.
  • Our house and everything in it will become smart. The house will sense intruders, update you on leaks/defects/damages, and most importantly you. Everything will try learn to pick up on our preferences and patterns.

In conclusion. Our house and home will become our ultimate secure, efficient, organized, convenient, and comfortable living space. 

       Scenario 3: Based upon the question ‘What if everything becomes democratic’

We found it a bit difficult to create a scenario which is based on democracy. The past 5 years alot of individuals have participated together online to create a service for others.There has been a great increase of communication online. Not only on our chat messengers, social platoforms, and emailing but also outside of this circle. A new generation of communicators has emerged which are eager to help, advise, share, and create. Look at wiki, flickr, and all those reviewing websites. At some point in the future there’ll be a loss of identity and the difference between the  real and fake wont be able to be distinguished. Thus we will review each other- who can be trusted, who is honest, who is a good person ,who is a bad person? The reviewing website will give us the truth and reliable  information on individuals. Of course each individual will have some type of privacy but all quantitive results will be open to public to view.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. kirsten permalink
    March 24, 2010 9:56 pm

    Hi Guys.. wow super.. we will have to look at them on Friday. Sam and I are in London at the mo… just saw the exhibition in V&A on decode, amazing.

    Are you still going to London?
    See you guys Friday

    Kirsten and Sam

  2. eric reiman permalink
    March 28, 2010 4:59 pm

    I think the first two scenario’s contain interessting question’s-and do link well together-
    What I really like is this: the translation from the overall topic- Technosphere- to interactions and multi sensory ..and then represent this in a concrete subject : What if your house becomes your next best friend- this is a relevant way to deal with future scenario’s-
    to work it out in this concrete subject.
    the third scenario is not very clear yet, the social media issue needs meer depth- maybe study some recent literature on the topic.

  3. March 31, 2010 7:48 pm

    Amazing scenario’s. I especially like the Kate Moss presentation of scenario 1. It’s not that farfetched! Scenario 1 raises huge (philosophical) questions. What about identity? It’s possible to create 4 or 5 or 10.000 avatars of yourself at the same time. What did YOU experience at that time? At the same time, all mobility questions are solved. The ‘beam me up scotty’ of Star Trek has becom reality: we travel through glass fiber.

    • Lis permalink*
      March 31, 2010 8:43 pm

      Hi Hans Peter Benschop, first of all thank you for your comment! You are right, scenario 1 is not too far fetched but it still raises many and huge philosophical questions- that’s what drew us to the scenario. There are so many different ways to mold this scenario into a concept though. Since it is such a broad idea which demands a lot of imagining it is very hard to find a focus point. I’ll definitely bring the idea of identity into the group tomorrow. Thank you!

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