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Nature & Technology future scenario’s…

March 19, 2010

During Concept development class last Wednesday we presented three scenario’s based on Nature & Technology..Where will these two go in the future? Within the natural sciences we try to explain the world as it is and within the technique we want to change it. But are they really that different? It lies in the nature of man to change things to make life easier for themselves…Click here to view the presentation.

From here we developed the scenario’s:
– Nurturing Nature
– Natural selection?
– Are we running out of water?

Our personal interest goes to the scenario ‘Nurturing Nature’. We find the tension between the energy of man and nature very interesting and especially between plants and people…Plants can read people’s energy already and even react to it, but what if we can make this visible for people so they can relate on a deeper personal level….

Nurturing Nature
Our first scenario is based on nurturing nature. People have completely lost touch with nature. For the last several years it was all about sustainable this and durable that. The more we hear about the sustainable ways of living, the greater our aversion has gotten with nature. We don’t feel accountable as an individual anymore. Our natural contact with nature was lost many years ago, but now not only the contact is lost, also the interest seems to be fading….But what if we can find a way to restore this contact? A way where it’s not all about recycling and biodegradable but its more about blending nature and technology, bringing human life closer in contact with nature….
What if we can use modern-day technology to try to restore the contact between nature and man and build up a relationship based on a deeper emotional level?
With for example a houseplant that can read you facial expressions and therefore grows and has a longer life, so if you are positive towards it, nurture it, they grow stronger, better, and more beautiful? And if you start to relate to it on a personal level you therefore look differently towards the nature around you and feel personal accountable again….

Natural selection?
Selection is in our nature, whether it is to find friends or a partner. We have an entire list ready with needs they have to meet. Especially our partners have to meet our high standards….. But did it always go like this? From early on man chose their partners based on sexual selection. They used their senses. They smelled and observed, they selected purely to ensure a strong offspring.  Do we still only select to ensure this? Not exactly, nowadays we have a wish list ready with everything from the way they look, to what kind of job they have, to how many children they would like to have.  And where do we go to find this partner? Mostly online..So what does this mean for the first date? What if after thorough selection even the first date can take place without real personal contact? Now, the first date is the first moment you meet in person, and then you decide if he or she is worth your while..But if you can go on this first date, without leaving your home?..

Are we running out of water?
Even before humans lived on earth, there already was water. Not only do we exist for 95% out of water, it is one of our biggest basic need to survive.  One of the main functions of water is the removal of waste from our body…..For as long as we know there was more than enough water to go around….We use water as if it will never run out, how many of you just let the water run while brushing your teeth?…That it would run out seems unthinkable, because the world exists for 50 percent out of water. But if you then assume that only 3% of this is freshwater which we can use as drink water, then the running out scenario isn’t so unrealistic as we might think…So, is it possible to completely run out of water? Not really, worst scenario we will have to start filtering saltwater, like seawater, but the techniques used are really expensive and even more important what will it mean for the living beings in the sea?? But what is we can create a similar fluid like water? It’s not unthinkable if you think of what they can do with blood nowadays….

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  1. eric reiman permalink
    March 28, 2010 8:32 pm

    I agree completely with your preference, nurturing nature seems the most interesting to me-
    a large subject but with a lot of design potential

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