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Beyond the human senses

March 16, 2010

We are taught at school that there are five senses, but actually  we have more. I think you’ve all heard from the sixth sense. But some people believe we have 21 senses. Some are just the major ones broken down into smaller bits i.e. taste can be broken down into hot and cold. If you think about it we can sense temperature, pressure, touch, joint position (proprioception), body movement (kinaesthesis), balance and feelings associated with a full bladder, an empty stomach or thirst. But there are other monitoring systems in the body that we can never be even dimly “aware of” – sensing the pH of the cerebrospinal fluid would be an example.

In the future it may be possible to use telepathy. What will that mean for us? In this video you see one future perspective. But what if we use telepathy for solving crimes? And what if we can read the mind of our lover? That’s something I like, but on the other hand, than he can read my thoughts to, and that’s a bad thing!

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