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Mad about the I-Pad

March 14, 2010

I saw the other day a  clip of a flexible nano technology mobile screen. It made me think- why is Apple launching an I-Pad which is solid and fragile and not flexible and durable? If I understood it right, from this clip-  the I-Pad is really hoping to reach out to the magazine and newspaper readers on a new technlogical and digital level. The developments of the I-Pad created a new future for journalism.

My question, it may be totally out of interest for you readers, is why is the I-Pad unhandy  if Apple would want us to start using it as a digital source for our daily reading? The flexibility, imperishability, and the handyness would blow consumers away. At the moment I see the I-Pad as a very interesting new product but its just not innovative enough for me. I believe the past years we have have been overexposed by Apple and its time for them to show us something different. The first you tube video posted of a flexible mobile screen was by Sony in 2007 , why is it taking so long for us consumers to take advantage of such technology?

If i would spend a large amount of money on something nowadays I better be guaranteed its long lasting so that i wont have to spend money on another and way better I-Pad in two years…

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