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March 12, 2010

Sniffer is an accaimed short experimental/art film by the Norwegian director Bobbie Peers. It’s an possible future perspective, and I hope I’am not part of it. Even thought I don’t like this unpersonal futuristic world, I like this short art film. Click further and see this film.  

Sniffer imagines what conformity, consumerism and desire would be like in a futuristic world with no gravity, minimal dialogue and a cast of sweaty overweight men. The story unfolds in a society that is devoid of sunlight and open sky, where its members go about their routines without the slightest hope of receiving any personal gratification.  The main character of the film trudges day-after-day to a job where he works as a deodorant tester, sniffing the sweaty armpits of exercising test subjects.  One day, however, the man is confronted by an event that changes his life forever.  He quits his job, loosens his bindings and literally takes off.

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