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Film; Bin Jip

March 10, 2010

This is a Korean movie made in 2004 directed by Ki-Duk Kim. The film is about a man who travels around and lives in houses of others, without these people knowing. He picks them out carefully by handing out folders, to make sure no one is at home. He lives in these houses unnoticable, he does his laundry, gives the plants water, eats and cleans up so that no one knows, that he has been there.

This all changes when he lives in a house where a woman is hidden, she notices him, but doesn’t say anything about it.The woman in the house lives there together with her husband, however her husband abuses her, which makes her a very shy and soft person. After a while the man finds out about the woman and also about the abuse, so on his turn, he abuses the husbands by shooting golfballs at him. Together they flee away travelling from house to house. There grows a relationship between them, without any word, however as a viewer you feel the connection between the two, and the atmosphere in the whole film. Completely unlike the American Hollywood films, which makes it really inspiring and interesting to watch i find.

After a while the man gets arrested by the police, and the woman has to return to her abusing husband. In prison the man teaches himself to be invisible and soundless, so that he can live in the house of the woman, to still be with her, but without the husband knowing it.

The film is full with romance and spirituality, however in a way, i am not used to see. It is very inspiring to see how there are only two lines of text said in the whole film. The atmosphere and story are still very strong by music, art direction and acting.

The meaning of the film I find a big inspiration for my research and concept development. How a man is willing to give up such a sacrifice, which is not in his eyes, to live the life he wants, to be happy. I think i it strokes  a lot with my research ideals and norms of nowadays, however the translation is in such a different way, that it for me opens new ways the see these things.

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