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Accessories for Lonely Men…

March 10, 2010

When you are together you can’t stand each other, but when one goes away you can’t help missing them…
Noam Toran found a solution (well for men at least). He designed a serie of products that simulate the presence 
of a girlfriend.  During an interview he explained where he got his inspiration:

“I had just ended a five-year relationship and was going through a dark period. Loneliness became a central point of interest, both personally and philosophically, and is a theme which I never seem to stray far away from, often trying to address it through humour.”

With devices like the Sheet Thief (which is attached to your blankets and rolls them up to simulate her stealing them), the Silhouette Light (which resembles a female stretching behind a shower curtain), the Heavy Breather (that blows hot air on your neck and mimics the sounds of deep breathing) or the Cold Feet (that recreates the feeling of her icy toes under the sheets), It will seem like your girlfriend never left…

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