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A new fashion accessory?

March 10, 2010

So we’ve seen the tamagotchis and even robot pets. Now Stuart Karten comes with a part pet and part
fashion accessory. But I don’t think it’s an accessory we will see a lot of anytime soon…

Nevertheless, Stuart Karten has a interersting point: “In a world where the value of life decreases daily, where boundaries between real and artificial are increasingly blurred, where children are far removed from what life is and what sustains it, comes a toy that will truly confuse them…”

But what is the epidermits pet exactly? 
as a fully functioning organism resulting from advanced tissue engineering and the latest fuel cell and electronics technology. Customizable with different body, skin and hair selections and through tanning, tattooing or piercing, they don’t think or feel pain, but follow a complex set of algorithms. Requiring minimal maintenance, they can be
stored in the freezer to induce a state of deep hibernation.

Then the guestion remains.. just because we can, does it mean we should?

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