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Are you the next person that translates your wishes in reality?

March 9, 2010

I was inspired by the following future perspective from the American molecular biologist Lee Silver.

“You do not want your child to have ADHD phenomena’s, you don’t want him to be an alcoholic and he will be completely resistant against AIDS. Great, than it will be 8500 euro. Wait, before you leave .. maybe I can make you happy with genes against premature baldness, obesity and cancer? This week we give you a discount – together for 1000 euro and that will be including the embryo implantation. Shall we add those immediately?”

 My first thoughts when I read it were Unreal, unlikely, scary, science fiction and I thought it was one big joke! Nowadays we are laughing about those things but when I have to believe scientists the reality is closer than we think. Sooner or later your wishes will become reality, an embryo without ADHD with blue eyes and is incredible intelligent. It’s all possible in the future. But is that really? Do we want to create such society?

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