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A critical view on Wikipedia and Google

March 4, 2010

Wikipedia has become the seventh most-used website of the world. However, this does not mean that the online collaboratively written enceclopedia is free of criticism.

That’s what the flyer of ‘Critical Point of View’ says. It announces a conference where different speakers will take a close look at Wikipedia. What is considered knowledge? What influences does de website has on our society? What is the hierarchy within the platform? Interesting issues, but maybe a little late since Wikipedia is so frequently used for at least ten years? If you like to join: March 26-27 at the Amsterdam Public Library, check the website.

An idea for the next conference subject: How big is google? How would our lives look like without google? Is that even possible? Not using google, gmail, googlemaps, youtube, RSSfeeds. And what does it mean if that isn’t possible? Isn’t it threatening that a company is so big all around the world we can’t live without it? Look at this experiment two journalists did living a week without google.

This youtube movie tells a future scenario about google taking over our lives.

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