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Researching Ideals

March 1, 2010

Ideals and beauty, what does it mean? And more important what will it mean?

To research ideals and norms in the future, I have to know how those ideals are now and how they were in history, where they actually come from. In order to ‘forecast’ how this might develop. More important is to know what causes shifting in norms and values, and therefore in changing ideals. Because this is a pretty broad subject, I will focus especially on how and why beauty ideals change, reflecting on the way we look at ourselves and how we look at others.

I will need a big variation of input, for example open source or/and do a lot of digging myself, in media and in people. Analyse what media is actually saying to us by giving us a constant input of visual attraction. And how we unconsciously and consciously reacting on this input. How we are influenced by a certain idea what is shown by us and how this reflects on our behaviour and thinking. However the big contradiction is that we created this ongoing process ourselves, we change it, and we adapt it. How come we actually do this? Just to tell ourselves that it will make us happy or more a succeeded person?

So by digging  in to this with my own thoughts and ideas, I will try to find out why ideals never really stand still, and where it will go. How changes in society, will cause changes in ideals and eventually will change our thinking and behaving.

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