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BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept Car

March 1, 2010

The BMW GINA Light Visionary is one of the most talked about concept cars ever. It was already developed years ago by the BMW Group Design to aim a new vision on the future. For the first time it is now shown in public.

This car represents a new vision on the future. The designers have seeked for flexibility and orientation adapting to the further going personal needs of customers. Out of the box thinking here is very important. GINA stands for ”Geometric and functions In ‘N’ Adaptions”, in this N stands for infinity in math.

This car is the personifying of the GINA design-philosophy. The car exists out of an almost seemless whole.  A new structure of a minimum number of components have been used. The body is covered with gaastdoek, which looks like skin. This skin is flexible and strong and moves as real skin. Also the headlights are hidden underneath this skin, until it is turned on, it appears as real eyes do.

The central value of this car is sustainability. The materials that are used need a lot less sources than normal cars. And what is expected the production of this car needs a lot less energy.

This car stands for future thinking, it is not a trial for future production but a platform for new ideas, techniques, materias and functions.

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