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60 innovaters shaping the creative future; Martin Margiela

March 1, 2010

In the book ‘’60 innovators shaping the creative future’’ Martin Margiela was one of these designers. Margiela has been a key designer in contemporary fashion for 20 years, now he retires. Reports suggest that he has developed new interests, his passion for painting.

 Margiela always smelt what was coming, what was in the air. According to Margiela fashion was not an art – it was craft. His inspiration came from flew markets and street style. Margiela avoided media, without willing to he found out a new way of branding. The designer behind the label was anonym, his label, a scrap of white muslin inscribed with no name, no words, stitched in four edges, was in itself a statement. Sometimes the models walking his shows where anonym, covered their faces with hair or panty’s. Margiela used some models year after year; some of his aging models did not fit in the ideal model image. Margiela said: I wanted to express myself through the clothes, and consolidate in that way.

A new generation of young designers like Nicolas Ghesquière and Haider Ackerman has drawn inspiration from his work. Margiela can be seen as a true pioneer of a new way toward fashion. Margiela will not be replaced in the future, not because he is irreplaceable, but because his team is the Maison Martin Margiela. He always said to his team, ‘’you are more Margiela than me’’.

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