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Robot Girl

February 28, 2010

Tamara Levine & Rob Sheridan are collaborating on a series of 5 images they’re calling Broken Robots. It makes me think about the future.

There are already so called robots, that are able the function as a girl or boyfriend, or as a pet. All this to make our lives more comfortable and easier. Or maybe this is our ideal image of being, and that is where we long for. The line between human and robots / humanoids is getting thinner and thinner. Will this be a prediction of the future? A compromise between human looks and perfectionized technic abilities? Maybe in the future, we can buy our friends, our dates, our pets together with our humanized cars adjusted in the way we want to. Of course, i don’t mind having a car with real skin, or a personal flying jet to travel around in the future. At least i won’t have to stand in those crowded trams anymore. However, the idea of a humanoid boyfriend seems quite unlikely to me. Maybe its soothing that it might not complain or whatever, but the meaning won’t ever be the same i guess. So humans may all be imperfect, robots will also probably remain having their flaws. Maybe i’m just underestimating the human ability to create, or we are overestimating the abilities of robots. The future will tell what will be the better boyfriend.

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