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A life dominated by collecting and possessing

February 28, 2010

Collecting is what keeps me going. Collecting inspires me and gives me energy. There’s nothing wrong with collecting. Many people collect something. Valuable things from the past can enrich our future.  But if collecting becomes an obsession, you have a problem. In this post I want to show you the dark side of collecting.

In Possessed Martin Hampton portrays obsessed collectors. A man collects thousands of books, his entire house is full. After ten minutes the documentary becomes more en more interesting, we see a woman who’s collecting pads, toothpaste and even her own hair.

These people collect so much because they are lacking something. This lack can never be fulfilled with all the material stuff, but they are emotional attached to it. Collecting becomes a mental disease. In this case collecting doesn’t give you energy but it takes all your energy from you. It might be that this problem becomes bigger  in the future. People are able to buy more, also on the internet. There’s no control, and with internet some people are isolated from the outside world, they are lacking something and therefore they collect material stuff.

Watch this amazing documentary on Moving, disturbing. Perfect title: “Possessed” (‘the stuff you possess… possesses you’)
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