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Urban Design Exhibition

February 25, 2010


For the 25th anniversary of the graduation program Urban Design at the Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht there was an exhibition this January at the academiegallery. They invited 40 ex-students and teachers to give their vision on public space in 2035. These visions were presented with the help of 40 construction boxes of white cubes.

I want to share some visions with you that seemed really interesting to me. What do you think? Which one is most likely to happen?

Jaco Kalfsbeek, 2035: Adaptive space

The velocity of changing in designed surroundings goes rapidly faster. Changes in program and new techniques ask for a design where the arrangement of the public space temporarily can be adapted. Energy extraction, water storage, green technique, information transmission, subterranean storage and smallscale parking solutions are all part of the designing process. De public space more and more becomes a building where ground, floor, walls and arrangement come together as a designing issue.

Amerentske koopman, – like to –

Behaviour in public space is becoming more and more individualistic. The individual reacts from its own basis network and includes the outdoor space literally and figurative. The space around us is one big play of lines. Forests full of visible and invisible networks, connections, lines that are still there, or not anymore. What stays are reminders of communication, reminders of contacts.

Our way of communication floats in the public space. The space where we look at, the outdoor, became our own inside. The importance of design, arrangement and how to excite people in public space will become more important in order to get direct contact. Would you-    – dance with me?

Angelique Mergler, To build a beautiful green city

Sometimes it seems as if an urban landscape is completely designed and constructed. But for the careful observer, ther is always a clue that there is a real landscape underneath. To build a beautiful place is to preserve the landscape. No need to say that is even more urgent in 25 years.

Natascha Knijff, 2035

A year where Holland is a part of the country Europe and aging is over. A time where we are looking for identity and flexibility; social but also special. We want to anticipate on temporary chances and developments. Humanity has had it with ‘city branding’ and predetermined living patterns, time is there for a spontaneous life, let things grow and arise. It’s time for a flexible public space!

Jacob Alkema, Less and less grey

In the individualism of 2035 ideals and dreams live for themselves, meet eachother at the virtual agora; a space without time and place, without form and material. The biggest urban design job is probably builded in ones and zeros. The physical space outside transforms; the color of, and the reminding of concrete disappeared. ‘Being’ is enough to stay in the public space. Time and function was. Polyphony in human, material and color is the most present, only the clouds are grey.

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  1. Annemarie permalink
    February 26, 2010 8:40 am

    Interessting. I hope that; Angelique Mergler, ”To build a beautiful green city” is right. I love nature. The freedom, the aromas and serenity gives me energy. It would be a shame if nature dissapears, and we have to take care for that. Because when I’am in nature I forget my worries and I’am not longing for more and more material stuff.

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