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Where is the prince on the white horse in the future?

February 24, 2010
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Love gives me energy, but  the time we live in,  love is changing.

Spending 80 years with the same partner

These changes will go further in the future. In former times people died on an average age around 40, so they spend around 20 years with there love. Nowadays people become 90 years, and maybe in the future 120 years old, this means that you have to share your life 70 to 80 years with the same partner. What we see is that people have more than one partner in their lives.

Love all over the world

The network of the world is in your hands, this means more international relationships. People fall in love at higher ages, or have more than one relationship at the time. There going to be separated dating sites for beautiful people and ugly people. Cheating on your partner becomes harder because you’re always followed digitally, there’s no privacy. And maybe in the far future robots become better lovers than humans. What is this all about? I just want to find my one and only love, my prince on the white horse even if it is for 80 years! If you want to know more about this changes read the book ‘’ De toekomst van de liefde’’ by Adjiedj Bakas.

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