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Pretty smart textiles from Angel Chang

February 24, 2010

Smart textiles adapt themselves to the environment. Changes in the environment and the responses can be mechanical, electrical, physical, chemical or biochemical. New York designer Angel Chang designed interactive fashion by adding new technologies.

Engineers are from mars, fashion designers are from venus

What I like about this fashion is that it still looks like fashion. Often you see incredible new techniques but the design sucks. And this is where Angel Chang comes in; she brings design and techniques together. The garments that she creates are wearable and fashionable. ‘’Engineers are from Mars, Fashion designers are from Venus’’ is a famous quote from Chang.

Magical prints

I mean take a look at the magical prints that only appears when you touch them! Wonderful! In her 2008 spring collection Chang worked with the theme ‘’maps’’, inspired by courageous woman in history. Heat sensitive ink is used to hide maps on the dresses. When the ink comes in contact with heat, it becomes visible. In times of recession where we can only buy one dress instead of two, this is a great variation for the one piece you can afford. This magical garment is what we need. For more about Angel Chang go to her website:

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