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The whole world will be depressed in 2020

February 19, 2010

In the newspaper I read an article called ”Metronieuws” . The article portrays that the whole world will be depressed in 2020. Is this what the future will look like? I don’t hope so, but sometimes I think it does.

”In ten years the world is like one big smoky room with chesterfield banks”. This is how columnist Hadjar Benmiloud starts her article. More an more people become depressed. Most doctors describe medicines, but these are not always helpful.

But no worries, there’s a Dutch lady with the perfect solution. Claudi Bockting from the university in Groningen developed a simple treatment method without the disadvantages like many medicines have. This therapy makes people daydream. It doesn’t sound realistic but it’has been proved with scientific facts, people are demonstrably happier and calmer by fantasizing.

People prefer to watch a photo shopped image of themselves instead of looking in the mirror. Doesn’t reality become even harder to accept after all the dreaming? Bockting says; there was actually no reality. I like the dream therapy but for me there is indeed a reality we can not ignore.

In the next film Claudi Bockting tells us where depression comes from.

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