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Image-based Research

February 18, 2010

Seeing is an important tool. Our visual culture is changing everyday, new techniques are invented, more and more images enter our world and this endless process can be useful as a research method.Image-based Research is personal 

Images tells us a lot, we look at them at different ways, conscious and unconscious. The book ‘’Image-Based research’’ tells us that images are not only used as representations of the objective world, they also communicate our deepest feelings. This makes Image-Based research personal to me. One of my passions is collecting, for me this also means that I can collect with my eyes and safe the images with my photo camera. Those images touch me and are showing my live, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what attracts and inspire me.

It is not evidence

The book ‘’Image-Based research seemed to be very interesting for me. I like to do research in an image way, with existing images and my own pictures. And even though no image is objective evidence, images tell us something, they create feelings, make us curious and we will look for more. What make’s this topic even more interesting is that there are so many ways of seeing. No one will ever look at the same way to an image, because there’s feeling involved.

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