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Research paper; Learning from nature

February 16, 2010

Nature, one of the biggest inspiration in the world of design. Artists, designers and architects again and again are inspired by its grandeur.

Nature however, follows its own natural laws. One of the consequences of these laws is evolution based on natural selection. Here by nature seems to have ‘devised’ solutions to problems we can’t seem to figure out. In fact these solutions are side effects of countless failed mutations where only the most successful ideas have survived.

Designers and architects are well aware of this fact and happily learn from the lessons made in nature itself, also known as biomimicry.

Biomimicry uses nature not only as a source of inspiration for practical solutions, but also as a more abstract ideal for innovation and observation. I’m interested in the natural process which is ‘fractals’ in the mathematical world. Fractals describe a phenomenon for a certain shape or form which seems to repeat itself – in nature- on a repeating smaller scale. This process can be found in plants, maintains, clouds and even the vascular system of a human being.
Fractals are a natural process in nature, seen literally everywhere. But in our ‘non-natural’ daily lives fractals seem to be pretty much absent…

TS research methods – Jeroen Visser, assignment one

Fractals in nature

Fractal: Zichzelf herhalend meetkundig figuur – Wisebit 68

Nova – Hunting The Hidden Dimension

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