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Divided / Divided

February 16, 2010

Experience contemporary artist Carsten Höller’s extraordinary installations. In the museum’s largest gallery, with more than 1,500 m2 of floor space, he has applied a simple arithmetical formula that repeatedly divides the space and the objects in it into two, creating an entity that heightens the visitor’s experience: Divided Divided sharpens all the senses.

Carsten Höller (born 1961) specializes in carefully conceived experiments that play with the physical experience and the messages transmitted to the brain. In the floating room, for instance, the subtly moving walls upset your sense of balance. The division formula is used in this Swinging Spiral too, but in a spiral form. It looks like a snail’s shell, but it is a room where you can walk and test your equilibrium. The Flickr Films are another example of this sort of experiment. Almost identical successive images of African dance groups are projected side by side. The brain fills in the rest of the images and creates a moving picture in the viewer’s head.

Museum boijmans van beuningen 2010 Divided Divided

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