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Research Paper; Creating the Future by Ideals

February 14, 2010

Photo by:  Zed Nelson (Love Me)

Digitalisation, innovation, more, better and faster. Are we able to keep up with ourselves? Or will it all become too much, and will we loose control? Or will it bring society to another level, and will we all provide from it?

We are striving for an ideal, that continually is being presented to us by media, by ourselves or what we present and think about others. Beauty ideal, humans like robots, computers with the capacity of the human brain, this line is getting thinner and thinner. When will this development stop? If it will ever stop.

In the beginning of times humans devoted all their energy in their primary needs, surviving and pairing. Nowadays in perfectionising the human and everything related, to make live as ‘easy’ and comforting as possible. Our energy nowadays is mostly being used fot this greater good. Surviving and pairing is taken for granted. Where does this striving for the ideal or perfect human comes from? How will it develop?

Will it ever come to a point that we are satiated? Or will we eventually put our focus on ‘the old’ because ‘the new’ will become too big? In a sense we are already evaluating what is best. F.e. collective – individual – collective / local – global – local. Or will there be already something new to strive for in the near future, we don’t know yet?

It’s useful too think about these developments and predictions that are being made in technology, society and therefore how it will reflect on our way of thinking, behaving and dressing in the near future.  Creating awareness for the future. How the ideal will relate to our thinking and the thinking to our wearing.

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