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Research Paper: Isaac Mizrahi on doing research

February 14, 2010
Fashion Designer Isaac Mizrahi tells us about his creativity and inspiration on In relation to the first assignment I chose this reading, because the designer talks about his interesting opinion on doing research.
I also chose this movie because of the many negative posts on They came from right brain people who don’t think of fashion as a scientific subject. To me this confirms that both creative people as scientific people need to take each other seriously, connect their skills and learn from each other, in order to gain new perspectives.

Mizrahi doesn’t necessarily think of himself as a designer, or a fashion designer. He links all kinds of different things together. This way he actually thinks outside the (fashion) box. For example, he thinks the most unboring place in the world is a tv studio. He actually shoots tv show segments on his fashion website, while they don’t directly link to fashion. He also loves to cook and compares everything to cookery.
That’s how Mizrahi gets inspired. He doesn’t necessarily get inspired by research. He does it’s own research. If he needs to design the costumes for an 18th century opera, he does research because it’s interesting, not because it’s what he’s supposed to do.

 A funny quote he wrote on his website: “I don’t do everything well, but I do a lot of things.I don’t look back.” This means it’s okay to make mistakes during research and to not always take yourself seriously. The outcome can be just as interesting…

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