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‘What do we really need?’

February 14, 2010

Always wanting something else, something better seems to be the driving force behind the continues waste caused by humankind. But what do we really need? And therefore, what do we really want? This is a question that is wondering through my mind for a long time now.

To discover this statement there are different directions to explore. For example there are some interesting comments made by designer Mathieu Lehanneur and his innovation videotalk about ‘real nature’[1]. Also Biomimicry is worth looking into. The point of Biomimicry is not what we can extract from nature, but what we can learn from nature[2]. So how can we translate this into fashion? Not completely driven by the same question, but leading in the right direction is the collection hellofashion. Hellofashion is a continuous collection of “moniquevanheist’ classics. Through this collection she wants to challenge the fashion system[3].

TS research methodes – Jeroen Visser, assignment one


[2] Janine Benyus, Biomimicry, 2002


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