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Short film; Eroded Disclosure

February 13, 2010
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Eroded Disclosure, a mood film which was made during the minor Textile.
The story is about privacy, an important social issue in today’s society. More precisely, it’s about technology and digitization that make it ever more easy to follow individuals and thereby cross passing on privacy issues. Today, people reveal more about themselves. One example is the popularity of social networking. Personal information is shared freely on personal blogs and message platforms like twitter.
Often the diminishing borders of privacy is sold to the public as a necessity for better security.
The amount of camera’s on the streets keep rising and bank and businesses keep collecting more and more personal data to ensure better protection for their customers.
This manifests itself in a network of spun threads. One extra thread isn’t dangerous per se, but in time all these threads could form a blanket from which escape isn’t possible anymore. Which is not to escape.

As a consequence our privacy is constantly affected. Data about individuals can be gathered to form accurate behavioral predictions and more and more personal – intimate information – can be revealed.
Limits are exceeded, and extreme vulnerability is translated into extreme masking. The individual is more and more aware of this trend and tries to bend these threads to not get caught up; like a prey which uses its toxic colors to trick its predator to leave it alone.

Made by Arjan de Bruijn, Sjaron Blum, Isabelle Horl & Marije Schik

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