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Niet Normaal – what is considered normal/not normal in our society

February 10, 2010

What is the normal and what is not normal? This is the question that we constantly asks ourselves in society. However, most of the time we just take everything for what it is unconsciously, without questioning. For exmaple, my colleague is sitting on the chair the way we all do, but what if now she is standing on her hands? Everybody in the room would think it’s abnormal, but why?

Niet Normaal is an exhibition that confronts and questions what is considered as the norms and values in our society.

The exhibition was at the Beurs van Berlage, in the center of Amsterdam. The exhibition hall is grand, filled with all sorts of installation art, paitings, and films by artists around the world. Some works were quite disturbing, some were visually stunning and all of them had mind blowing concepts.

As fashion future students from AMFI, we were all very inspired by these artists’ work.

Push the boundaries or stay on the edge or be in the safe zone.
What is normal? It’s for all of us to decide.

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