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Biomimicry, from the Zoo to the Catwalk

February 10, 2010

click on the picture for the video of the s/s 10 show of Ada Zanditon

 A trip to the Artis Zoo, it seems like a school trip just as you were a kid. However,  visiting it when your way much older can be just as interesting.  Of course, seeing polar bears, lions, elephants and animals which you have never seen before, stays always very exciting to see.

This time we also got a lecture about Biomimicry. Which means in short imitating, it comes from the animals and nature. Animals use their capabilities to protect themselves, to survive, to give off signals to the rest of nature.

In fact we humans do exactly the same thing. It’s perhaps more complex, but 2000 years ago we had the exact same primary needs as animals do, to eat, to survive and to pair. However the human developed, we have our emotions and gestures to say something to the rest of the world. The things we have, the things we want and also by the way we dress, tells a lot about ourselves and what we want to say to the people around us. We use, we imitate things of nature to use in behaviour, architecture and even in fashion.

Ada Zanditon, is one of the innovative designers who combines it all. Innovative, sustainable and biomimicry. As said in Ecouterre;

”Her Spring/Summer 2010 collection (“Colony”), presented at London Fashion Week/Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s One’s to Watch Show, is not only an example of textile biomimicry at its best, but also a signal that we might finally be ready for true ethical and environmental storytelling in fashion design.

Instead of her signature three-dimensional sculptural statements (think uniform-like padded shoulders and voluminous hourglass dresses), Zanditon opted for a softer tack with “Colony.” Inspired by A World Without Bees by Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum, Zanditon’s latest collection translates the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb into high style.

Perhaps, she is in deed predicting the fashion future.

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