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Short film; Frame

February 9, 2010

Frame, a short film made by Lieke Noordink, Jessica Hsia, Karlijn Klaver, Ingmar Ris, Femke Berkvens & Iris Nijmeijer.  This short film was made during the Minor Visual Culture at AMFI.

The story is about an utopian world where society lives according the given norm. The main character, Samuel, live his life in the same daily, narrow minded routine like everyone else. Until one day his frame gets broken by a girl, Noira, she is totally different from society. Without his frame, he starts to dream about an individual, free and open minded world. He has broken with his routine, his norm. In the end, it’s all for nothing, because he is pulled back in to the norm again.

Everyone creates his or her own reality, media and society are putting in all energy to create this perfect world. A world, faster, better and more and more digital. We follow, we adapt, because this is the norm.  However, we are never satiated, society and media are never satiated. There is always something new or something old to long for. Thus, in the end we keep on longing for ‘the better world’.

See also for the review of all short films of Visual Culture at Arts Thread.

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